Your #1 Choice For Hydrilla, Duckweed, Moss and Aquatic Plant Removal
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Why our service is number one: 

Effective Control of Aquatic Weeds

Whether your waterfront area is commercial, residential or municipal, MOSS MONSTER can handle your waterway cleansing needs.

Environmentally Safe Alternative

Environmentally Safe Alternative to chemical or herbicide treatments.

Timely Service

We know your waterway is an important part of your property, and it is our goal to provide service as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

MOSS MONSTER aquatic weed harvesting provides an envirosmentally safe alternative to chemical or herbicide treatments for controlling aquatic weed and exotic plant infestations.

Effective For The Largest Jobs

The MOSS MONSTER is the wisest choice in the fight against Hydrilla, Duckweed, Moss and other aquatic plants.

The MOSS MONSTER has a nine foot wide by five and a half foot deep cutting swath paired with a nearly 12,000 pound storage capacity!